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Have you ever wondered the difference between a watch and a smartwatch? Both show time, but a smartwatch comes with more features. Not only is it supported by WiFi and Bluetooth, it also helps us keep a track of our health. With the latest features of the smartwatches you can even pick up a call, read messages and do much more than just looking at time. If you are looking to buy a smartwatch for yourself or your loved one, but are not able to come to a conclusion, here is the perfect Smartwatch buying Guide that will help you choose the best.

Today’s smartwatches come equipped with health features that could even save your life. In many smartwatches we tested, you can receive alerts if your heart rate rises and be automatically connected to emergency services if you take a hard fall. There are many other benefits of using a smartwatch. Smartwatch prices in India are variable and many brands offer premium to affordable bands to suit your budget and needs.

To help you find the right smartwatch, we have listed the best selling smartwatch in India, offering the best features at a competitive pricing. In this guide, we have also listed down the do’s and don’ts while buying a smart watch.

Smartwatch Buying Guide:

Things you must consider if you are planning to buy smart wearables online

Most of us today buy gadgets online, reason being obvious that online platforms offer better prices and also offers us the access to pre-booking of the products before they are released in the market. While there are numerous options available in the market, buying the best smartwatch online that fits all your expectations and budget can be daunting, especially if you are a new smartwatch user.

Every smartwatch on the market has a different set of features, and they are not all the same. Our goal today is to help you find the Best smartwatch in India. But before that it is important for you to figure out what you should look for in a smartwatch when shopping. Check out our smartwatch buying guide for more tips on finding the perfect wearable.

Smartwatch buying Guide

If you are looking to buy a watch to track your fitness journey, you can very well opt for a fitness band that would serve your purpose. However, if you are looking for features more than just fitness tracking, smartwatch is your choice. Here are 5 important things you must look for before buying.

  1. Compatibility: Since smartwatches are designed to work alongside smartphones, device compatibility is crucial. Before buying a smartwatch ensure that it works along with your smartphone. For example, Apple Smartwatches only work with the brand’s own smartphone products, iPhone. However, there are many smartwatches that are compatible with multiple androids handsets as well as iPhones. It is worth noting that Android phone owners do get one extra feature: the ability to quickly reply to incoming text messages and answer phone calls.
  2. Fitness features: If you’re a fitness buff, pick a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS to track your footsteps and water intake and others.
  3. Battery life: Battery life is a very important factor you must check in any gadgets that offer smart services.  Check the battery life rating when shopping. It is common for hybrid smartwatches, which look more like analog timepieces than smartwatches, to have the longest battery life, but they don’t have touchscreens.
  4. Swappable watch bands: why stick with the same band look when you can swap with multiple bands and create a new look based on your mood and outfit? Yes, You heard that right. Smartwatches come with Swappable bands feature. Ensure that the clasp or buckle on the watch band is easy to use and changes easily.
  5. App availability: App availability is an important factor that makes Wear OS different from watch OS. Make sure the smartwatch offers you enough space to download all your favorite and frequently used important apps.

Best smartwatch in India

There are hundreds of options of smartwatches available in the market. Brands like Fitbit, Apple, SamSung, offer the best smartwatch in India at a variety of prices. If you are looking for the best affordable smartwatch in India, check out smartwatches from popular brands like Mi, Oneplus, Noise, Boat and others who offer a range of budget friendly smart watches.

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