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Whether you have a natural wig or not, here are some washing tips to take care of your colored wig. You can use wig shampoo, a gentle laundry detergent, and a Heat protectant to keep your wig looking fresh. You can also learn how to give a colored wig a new set of curls. 

Laundry detergent 

When you wash your colored wigs, you have to be careful about what kind of laundry detergent you use. Most cleaners have chemicals in them that can hurt your hair. Some are made with enzymes that break down oil and food stains into smaller pieces. Some are made with bisulfite, which can make hair weaker. 

Choose the mildest kind of laundry detergent if you decide to use it. It’s fine to put fabric softener on your wig, but try not to use too much. This will leave a film of oil on the wig, which will make it dirty faster. Also, it will leave stains. 

Heat protectant 

If you are using a dyed wig, you should use a washing spray that protects against heat. This will keep the color from fading and keep the strands from falling apart. Use a wig stand to keep the wig straight and prevent it from getting tangled. It’s also important to keep the wig out of the sun, chlorine, and salt water if you want it to look its best. 

Choose a heat protectant spray that is light and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. Also, look for one that has ingredients that lock in moisture. These things make the hair cuticle stronger and keep moisture in. Also, look for one that has keratin, which is a protein that gives hair its shape. 

Use cool water 

Use cool water when you wash colored wigs. This is another important tip. This will smooth out the frizz and seal the cuticle. Try to rinse the wig with cool water if you don’t have access to cold water. Also, you shouldn’t wash it more often than you need to. To keep the color, you can also use a dry shampoo or leave-in conditioner. You can also adopt a similar approach if you have a burgundy wig.

When dying a wig, the best way to keep the color from getting messed up is to use high-quality wig dye. Also, it’s very important to use the right developer. The number of volumes should be less than 40. If you want to dye a blonde wig, you should use a 20 or 30 volume developer. Also, it’s important to use a hair protectant so that the chemicals in the bleach don’t hurt your hair. 

Re-curling a colored wig 

If your hairpiece loses its curl after you wash it or if a part of your wig is broken, you can re-curl it to get it back. Here are some ways to improve your results. Make sure your wig is clean and dry before you do anything else. Make sure that the ends of the wig roller don’t poke holes in the cap. Use a wig styling spray to keep the curls in place after you’ve cleaned the wig. 

To get a colored wig to curl again, first wash it. You can make it look new again by using shampoo and conditioner. You could also use hairspray to hold it in place. Wear gloves that protect your hands when you wash your wig. 

Try a plastic roller instead of a curling iron if you don’t want to use one. This helps keep the curls in their shape. Make sure you don’t heat it up too much. The fiber can get damaged by the heat. You can also use a fabric steamer if you’re not sure how hot to use your curling iron. Then, let the wig dry all the way, and give it a good shake. 

Before putting heat on a colored wig to curl it again, make sure to use a hair spray that can stand up to heat. If your wig can’t handle high temperatures, use a low-heat setting. As little as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to wrap the curling iron around the hair carefully to keep it from getting hurt. If you want to curl a long wig, you should only need 10 seconds. 

Store in a dry, damp free and heat free environment 

Hooks, wall racks, and other containers can be used to store wigs. Dust won’t get in if you cover it with something soft. Labeling your wig with the color, brand, and style is also a good idea. On coat racks, you can also hang up wigs. You can also put a soft cushion between the wig and the hook to keep it from getting rubbed. 

Wigs are a big investment, so they need to be stored properly. Keep them somewhere cool and dry, away from places with very hot or very cold temperatures. Try to buy at least two wigs and switch them out every so often. This can help you wear the wigs for a longer time. It’s also important to use care products made just for wigs. Hairspray and other products made for human hair can damage the fibers in wigs. 

Depending on the type of wig, there are many ways to store any of your wigs including your highlight wig. Putting your wigs in direct sunlight will make them lose their color and fade. Also, don’t keep them in a small, closed space where moisture can build up and cause bacteria. 


If your wig is colored, you need to be extra careful when you wash it. Here are some tips for keeping your wig in good shape: 

  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner made for hair that has been dyed. 
  • Be gentle when you wash your wig and put conditioner on it. Don’t scrub it too hard or rub it too much. 
  • After shampooing and conditioning your wig, rinse it well. 
  • If you can, let your wig dry in the air. If you have to use a blow dryer, set it to the lowest setting and keep it moving so you don’t damage the wig. 

By doing these simple things, you can help your colored wig look its best.

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