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Joining college is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous times of one’s life. A new environment, a new circle of friends, and most importantly, a new chapter of life. Many students struggle through their freshman year of college because it’s simply not what they expected. 

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That’s why we decided to share the top hacks for your freshman year. Don’t forget to forward this link to your fellow freshmen to help them just like we helped you! 

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Before we dive into the hacks, it’s important to know what to expect. Some of the hacks you might already know. These are universal and apply in all contexts. But we believe we can provide additional value through hacks you didn’t think about. 

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Top Hacks for Freshmen: Pass the First Year Like a Boss

As promised, we’re going to list the best hacks you can utilize during your freshman year at college. 

1. Attend the Orientation

After the admission process is complete, your first interaction with the college will be the orientation. Many students skip it because they believe it’s not necessary. While it’s not technically “necessary” for your studies or grades, it’s a crucial part of getting acquainted with college life. 

Most college orientation programs are designed as crash courses for new students. Many of them include a tour of the campus where you can ask questions to the guide. Be sure to ask as many as pop into mind. You never know what knowledge may come in handy in the future. 

2. Keep a Picture of the Course Schedule on You

Now, if it was 20 years ago, keeping a picture on you would’ve been a hectic task. But in the age of smartphones, it’s a no-brainer. It’s important because it takes a few days for new students to get used to the new schedule. And if it’s changing from semester to semester, keeping track of all the courses and the class timings becomes even more of a pain. 

But not when you have a snap of the entire thing on your phone. Every time you forget, all you have to do is bust out the phone to look at the schedule. 

3. Manage Your Finance

You’re most likely to make a new group of friends when you move to college. It means late-night hangouts, weekend parties, and other additional expenses. If you’re not careful since day one, an empty wallet may blindside you in the middle of the week. 

That’s why it’s very important to keep track of your finances. It will surely take a few tries before you dial in the correct settings. A helpful tip in this regard is to run the tabs at the end of the day. When you know how much you’re likely to spend in a day, you can make a projection for the entire week and even month! 

4. Do the Laundry On Time

Fresh laundry is one of the best ways to maintain a good mood. Many students move out when they go to college, especially when the campus is not in their hometowns. So, it’s normal for your laundry to pile up if you’re not used to doing it on your own. 

But this is a habit that needs to change. Even if you live with your partner or parents, make a habit of doing your own laundry. And do it on time! Not tomorrow. Not on the weekend. Do it today! 

5. Keep Essay Writers Nearby

This is perhaps the most impactful hack we can share with freshmen. College professors are notorious for assigning a ton of paperwork, and your grades are closely associated with them. Things can get out of hand very quickly if you don’t have a backup. 

And by backup, we mean expert yet cheap essay writers online! It’s also important because college essays must follow a format that the institution accepts. As a freshman, you may not be familiar with the standards. 

Our writers are well-versed across all format types in the US. As long as you provide the necessary instructions, you can expect top-notch academic papers within deadlines!

6. Keep Communication Open with the Professors

You might be surrounded by friends at college, but at the end of the day, it’s the professors who are your best friends. It’s very important to keep open communication with them. It’ll help you understand the lectures better, be on top of the course at all times, and get good grades in the exams! We have a helpful post here on the steps for effective communication with college professors. 

7. Figure Out the Study Technique

Every student has their own way of studying. Some follow the infamous Pomodoro method, while others stick to ancient color-coding of the notes. Whatever works for you, do it. Don’t pile up your studies and expect to pull an all-nighter right before the examples. 

While all-nighters can be helpful for the sake of the exam, you won’t be able to extract any value from the study. Chances are, as soon as you’re done with the exams, you’ll forget everything. That does sound counterproductive, right?

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