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If you enjoy sports, Chicago is the place for you. The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series in 2016, ending a 107-year championship drought that had persisted in professional sports. The second-oldest baseball stadium still in existence, Wrigley Field (named for the chewing gum tycoon), where the Cubs play, is a sight to behold. Houses for rent in Chicago are the most expensive in the River North, Streeterville, and River West, while West Pullman, The Island, and Austin are the least pricey areas. Although the Windy City now ranks among the most well-known pizza-making regions in the country, this wasn’t always the case. Early in the 20th century, pizza made its way to America. There is much discussion about whether New York or Chicago pizza is superior, yet it is undeniable that Chicago received pizza first. Early in the 1920s, Chicago saw the debut of its first pizzerias, and it wasn’t until the 1940s that Chicago-style pizzas began to be offered. Continue reading about Chicago’s most famous deep dish pizza.

Pizzeria Uno

Many historians and local authorities will agree that Pizzeria Uno’s flagship location at 29 East Ohio Street in Chicago was where the classic deep-dish style was first served, despite the fact that there is some debate about who originated this type. Does this imply that it serves Chicago’s best deep dish? The crust at Uno is substantial but not overly so; it is just thick enough to hold the ingredients that are crammed inside it. Many folks can only eat one or two slices of this renowned deep-dish pizza at a time. Deep dish Chicago pizza is a hearty dish, as one might anticipate; frequently, one piece is sufficient. Uno also offers thin crust pizza with a choice of toppings if you want something less filling. You may finish your dinner with one of their decadent desserts and pair your thin crust or deep dish pizza with a good salad or soup.

Pizzeria Due

The word “due” in Italian means “two,” and Pizzeria Due is a sister establishment of Pizzeria Uno. The original Pizzeria Uno is literally only across the block from this location. Due is a good substitute if you want to try Uno but it’s too busy or booked up. Additionally, Due has ratings of 4.5/5 on Google and 3.5/5 on Yelp. With a few minor modifications, Due’s menu resembles that of the original Uno almost exactly. Some reviewers have stated that they prefer Due to Uno, while others have stated the exact reverse. 

Lou Malnatio’s Pizzeria

According to some sources, Rudy Malnati Sr. created deep-dish pizza first. The tastiest deep dish pizza Chicago has to offer, according to some. In Lincolnwood, Illinois, Lou started his first establishment serving Chicago-style pizza. On March 17—St. Patrick’s Day—the now well-known Chicago pizzeria opened. The Malnati’s menu is often relatively similar but changes slightly from place to location. With outlets in Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Indiana, the eatery has grown into a chain. The ideal way to enjoy these deep-dish pizzas if you reside outside of these states is to have them delivered to your house frozen.

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