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Why do you really have to do surgery? This question is probably asked by people who don’t have plastic surgery. People who do plastic surgery see themselves as strange people who do plastic surgery, that people who do plastic surgery are strange people (disease) mentally or as inadequate. 

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dissatisfied with what one has, or even thinks about sin and merit that plastic surgery is a sin, it is to make people fall in love and deceive others. It’s a violation of the precepts (I didn’t even think that someone would think so much to this extent).

At this point, the doctor said that he would have to ask the monk who precepts. Plastic surgery is “sin is not a sin”, which is wrong? But if the patient who came to commit a “sin”, the doctor who performed the surgery for him wouldn’t have to talk about it. I doubt I have to go to bed. in a copper pan for sure

as a plastic surgeon The doctor therefore listened to hundreds of stories of everyone who had surgery. Some stories are touching, some are sad, and yet they make it possible for the doctor to gather the reasons why patients have to. perform surgery and ask for permission to take part of the patient’s thoughts and feelings to read The doctor thinks that either of them is me. One may agree or stab the hearts of the readers. I have to say that when I read it, I laughed at the beginning, but after reading it the more I read it. I couldn’t get in and laughed.

being wheeled until the inferiority knot

The issue of friends teasing friends that then cause an inferiority complex. which the wheeler himself Just having fun with the mouth (actually, my eyes are set as well), but the words “joking” turned into “wounds” that pierced the heart. As time goes on, it becomes

Scared, inferior knot, many people may think that a friend is a little teasing. It’s serious. But even if you have a strong mind like a stone, water drips onto the rock. The stone can still corrode. The doctor can confirm. No one wants to do surgery for fun. It hurts. It’s risky. But what patients do to heal the wound in the heart that is caused by “inferiority complex” that friends only wheel up

 “From childhood until now, I have been called Asim, Ah Muay, Jae for a long time. Listen, it may sound indifferent. Lad is a descendant of Chinese people. But personally I don’t like it at all. with a chubby figure So it’s very similar to Azim.

   “Want to have big or double eyes? make the eyes look more dimensional. Very troubled with the problem of friends. I want to be more beautiful.”

 “A person who doesn’t have a bridge or a bridge of his nose, will be teased by his friends all the time. When he wears glasses, his friends will say, “Thank you. If you don’t have an ear to hook it, you’ll fall off for sure.” Then you’ll like to put your hand up to stroke us. We were just as embarrassed as ever thinking of going for nose surgery as well.

   “I want to increase my self-confidence. Because usually my friends are always teased, “Hey Eve, when I sleep my eyes don’t flow together, are my eyes still good?” or ask if I’m breathing out even though we have the same nose, but I don’t have a brace. I heard it and it hurts. But we also know that our friends are just teasing, which makes Eve want to….”

   “Hello to all my lovely brothers and sisters. My nickname is “Ai Prue”. The origin of the nickname is simple. Just look at my eyes and everyone will know that I am Ta Prue. What I’m most bored with is that everyone asks me if I’m sleepy or sleepy, why my eyes are puffy. Especially when I was studying, my teacher used to accuse me of secretly sleeping even though I was studying intently (but my eyes were ragged, what should I do? can”

   “It’s about me. Rats are single-eyed. It is a problem causing me to be. People lack a lot of self-confidence. who have to constantly stick with 3M tape to make double eyelids in order to add self-confidence. I have to look in the mirror every time. On days when I’m not addicted to 3M tape, someone will come and make fun of me. Jake’s face, E Muay, I keep thinking about it every day. Until I get stressed, I want to have double eyelids like everyone else. I look in the mirror every day. Every time that is. I don’t look in the mirror normally. I still use long nails. The rat’s poke on the eyelids to get double eyelids too. When I had double eyelids, just less than a second. As soon as he blinked his eyes, he became the same e-muay, truly saddened.

I feel strange different from family

 I must say that this is a difficult subject to explain. The kind that can’t be explained. A child who is prettier than his parents and can become a model star by not relying on surgery at all But there are many where the father is handsome and the mother is beautiful (without surgery), but there are children who are handsome and beautiful. ” Well, there is, for the most part, anything that cannot be explained by science. We often call it supernatural. However, the doctor will suggest a secret to be handsome. Beautiful as follows

Preserving the precepts of beauty: making it beautiful

Not angry, easily angry: make a handsome face.

Offering fresh flowers to monks: making them look fresh Old and still don’t look old

Offering of fragrant offerings to monks: making the body smell fragrant.

(Note, this trick is to be handsome and beautiful in the next life.)

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