Friday, June 14, 2024

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While the average age of heart attack in males is still higher than in females, the numbers for women are growing. While heart disease in men has decreased in recent decades, the incidence of heart attacks among women between the ages of 35 and 54 has increased. This trend is in line with the findings from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study, which looked at over 28,000 hospitalizations related to heart disease. Women are at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, which is common during pregnancy and birth control pills. Women over 65 are at an increased risk for high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks. Furthermore, after menopause, the levels of estrogen, which protects the heart against unhealthy cholesterol, decline.

Women are more likely to ignore symptoms of heart disease than men, which is why many of them delay seeking help. Furthermore, their symptoms are usually more subtle than those of men. Because of this, health care providers often downplay these symptoms, delaying treatment. This leads to poor outcomes for women, including an increased risk of death. If you’re a woman, take action today and avoid the risk of heart disease careerpioneer.

A recent study conducted by researchers in the Medical Journal of Australia found that women were more likely to have a heart attack than men. However, men and women of all ages are susceptible to heart attacks. While the average age of heart attack among males is still in its early stages, women are increasingly prone to having them. While the average age of heart attacks in females is increasing, the number of women under the age of fifty is also rising yourjobnews.

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