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Fortunately, there are a few key indicators bouncers should look for. One way is poor quality. According to the RAMP guide, bouncers should feel for glue lines, bumpy surfaces, pin holes, and odd levels of thickness. If these are present, the bouncer should be able to tell that the ID is not real.

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Face comparison

The easiest way to spot a fake ID is to compare your face to the image on the ID. Generally, fake IDs have a thinner face, which is a major red flag. They may also misspell the name of the state or city. A fake ID may even be different from the image in the bar or club. Bartenders and bouncers are trained to notice facial differences and will compare the image against your face.

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Expiration date

The Expiration date of fake ID is one of the most important factors to consider in determining whether it is fake or real. Fake IDs are illegal to possess and possessing one can put you in danger of getting caught in public. The expiration date must match with the phony document and should not be longer than five years. Even if the ID is authentic, bouncers and nightclub staff may be able to detect a fake easily if you use it.


The best way to prevent bouncers from spotting a fake ID is to have a real ID. If you are trying to enter a club without a valid ID, the bouncer might demand another form of identification. For example, he may ask for a Declaration of Age card to verify that you are of legal drinking age.

Real IDs have a photo, while fakes do not. They will also have a serial number that will be 12 plus the month of your birth. The bouncer’s job is to spot fakes, so they should be able to identify fakes by looking for these features. If your ID does not have these features, it’s time to ask the bouncer to give you a refund. You can also offer to give him cash as a tip.

Holograms on back of ID

Holograms on the back of an ID are a great way to alert a bouncer that your ID is fake. Each state uses different patterns for the holograms. In Pennsylvania, for example, the holograms will say counties, such as ALLEGHENY and ADAMS. But fake IDs will simply say ARMSTRONG BEAVER. Likewise, Connecticut IDs will have a tree when held up to the light, which can be easily spotted if you have a UV flashlight handy.

Holograms on the back of an ID will not always be visible, but they will shine when the card is moved. Another sign that your ID is fake is that the edges aren’t uniformly smooth. Your real ID will have uniformly smooth edges, but a fake will have uneven edges or be thin and flimsy.


Most bouncers have training in recognizing a fake ID. They are equipped to identify fakes, and they can tell if an ID is not genuine by looking for microprint or irregularities. They can even tell if an ID is counterfeit by checking the serial number and the date of birth. Most bouncers also receive a RAMP guidebook upon hiring. This guidebook includes examples of real and fake IDs for every state. If an ID looks suspicious, the bouncer might refuse entry.

A good fake ID website will have a photo of someone who looks like you. The bouncer will pay close attention to eye color, height, weight, and hair color. Several fake ID websites are sophisticated enough to make older people look younger. However, they may charge extra for such services.

Eye color

To spot a fake ID, look for certain characteristics. For example, if the ID has a photo and has been tampered with to change your name, it is probably a fake. If the ID has been retouched, look for spelling errors, typos, and differences in hair and eye color. The bouncer will notice these traits to determine whether the ID is real or fake.

The Bouncer App uses infrared and ultraviolet technology to scan your US driver’s license. This allows bouncers to detect if the ID is a fake in a second. The Bouncer App also asks you a few simple questions to make sure the ID is authentic.

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