Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Your claim will benefit from your knowledge of obtaining a police report following a car accident. The Kentucky Uniform Police Traffic Collision Report is a report that must be filed by everyone involved in a vehicle collision in the state of Kentucky.

If you were seriously hurt and unable to report the accident, the responding police officer will have done so and filed an accident report, which you should obtain as soon as possible. If you need to make a claim on your insurance to cover the costs associated with the accident, or if your case goes to trial, you will need a copy of the police report. Learn more!


Knowing how to acquire a police report is useful since law enforcement officials will always document their visit to the scene of an accident. A written report of the accident must be filed with the If anyone operating a vehicle on the state highways is involved in an accident resulting in property damage in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) and a law enforcement officer does not conduct an investigation. Kentucky State Police must be notified of the accident within ten (10) days using the forms provided by the agency.

If the police were not involved, you have 10 days to file a report. The fastest approach to obtaining a police report following an accident is to apply for one online, assuming that a police officer conducted the investigation. If you live in Kentucky and need a copy of a crash report, you can do it by visiting, which is the website of a company that specialises in processing such requests. Because this firm also works with clients in other states, you will need to narrow your search to “Kentucky” before clicking the “Find Document” button. Typically, submitting an accident report costs $10, and you can pay with a credit card. After making a payment, you can get a hard copy of your Kentucky accident report.

You can get a report copy via U.S. mail if you like. Written requests should be sent to the Kentucky State Police post that handled the accident and include a $5.00 check or money order made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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