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Writing a good essay is not everyone’s cup of tea. It doesn’t mean a person is not good at studies, but sometimes procrastination comes in the way. Many people find it difficult to write an essay in a short or in a given time. It gets boring; eventually, they waste their time, and the product is not as good.

But the question here is how to write an essay in a shorter span. Usually, the time allowed to write an essay is limited. You have to prepare yourself for writing an effective piece to get good grades or appreciation from your readers. Let’s explore some rules that help write a good piece in an hour.

Write an Essay in an Hour without Missing Key Points

Following are the steps you can follow to write an essay effectively in a short time:

  • Topic Selection:

Topic selection is a critical aspect of essay writing. It can make your writing process interesting, acceptable for readers, and get their attention. Most importantly, it also shows that your thought process aligns with your topic.

If you are comfortable writing a certain topic, it will also reflect your thought process, and the reader will find it interesting and will hook to it till the very end. Also, it shows your grip and knowledge on a particular topic.

  • Brainstorm Before Writing:

Brainstorming always helps save your time; although it looks like I will elongate the process, it’s quite the opposite. It will clear your head, increase your focus, and builds momentum; a little time spends on brainstorming in the beginning benefits later in saving time.

It allows you to clear all the fog around your topic, write uniquely, and keep the information or explanation relevant to the topic. It’s also advisable to brainstorm before selecting a topic; it provides a head start on your writing process.

If you are stuck with a tight schedule and don’t spare some time for essay writing, you can also hire a good essay service for that purpose. There are many essay services out there. Just go to any of them and ask them to write it for you, but consider these before picking one.

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  • Find Credible Research Material and Sources:

Essay writing is incomplete without adding outside sources or information. The purpose of adding outside sources or information is that it will be authentic and increase the validity of your paper. The reader also seconds that, but the research material and source of your information must be credible and valid. 

You can add or link sources like websites, books, and research work, but always use information relevant to your topic and validate your thought process. You can use facts, figures, and citations as well.

  • Creating Essay Outline to Save Time:

Once you are done with your topic selection, brainstorming, and gathering relevant research material, it’s time to outline your article. You can enlist all the information and facts according to their place in the text.

This practice also saves time, allowing you to add information that goes with your topic. You can also omit irrelevant information before even starting; once you’re done with the outline, it’s easy from there. You have the information; it just needs the right placement in your paper. Other benefits of outlining your work focus and a clear set of mind.

  • Following Essay Structure:

Following essay structure has two main benefits: it will align you with writing a good essay and saves time. By following it, you know exactly where you need to put the required phrase or information in your essay. 

It clears unnecessary information and distractions resulting in well-structured, focused writing. Moreover, it also refrains you from adding irrelevant information as everything is already sorted.

  • Proofreading Looking for Errors:

It’s a common mistake that students or essay writers make; they don’t proofread their work after finishing it. Either they are overwhelmed by the fact they followed all the above-explained facts or due to a shortage of time.

But in reality, looking for errors once you complete your article is valuable; it allows you to ensure your theme, relevance, grammatical mistake, and writing style and gives a reader view. Therefore it is recommended to proofread your work at least once.

Final Thoughts:

Writing an essay could be an easy and time-saving activity if all the requisites are followed properly explained above in this article. Please don’t make it a huge deal; keep it concise, use simple language, keep the tone understandable, use credible material, and save your time.

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