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Cesar Azpilicueta is a Spanish professional footballer who currently plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League. Born in Pamplona, Spain, in 1989, Azpilicueta began his career playing for the local club Osasuna. After spending four years at Osasuna, Azpilicueta moved to Marseille in France in
1. At Marseille, Azpilicueta quickly established himself as a key player, earning a reputation for being a reliable, consistent performer. He was also known for his versatility, being able to play both full-back positions, as well as in a defensive midfield role. After three successful seasons with Marseille, Azpilicueta moved to Chelsea in
2. At Chelsea, Azpilicueta has continued to be an important player, becoming a regular starter in the team’s defence. His consistency and reliability have been key factors in helping the team win the Premier League in 2015 and the Europa League in
3. Azpilicueta also won the club’s Player of the Year award in 2018, highlighting how important he has been to the club’s chino miranda success. Azpilicueta has also been an important member of the Spanish national team, having made 33 appearances for his country since his debut in
4. He has been part of the squad for both the 2014 and 2018 World Cup tournaments and was also a member of the squad that won the European Championship in
5. Cesar Azpilicueta has enjoyed a successful career since moving to Chelsea in
6. His consistency and reliability have been key factors in helping the team to win several trophies, while his international career has also seen him become an important member of the Spanish national team. With win69bet his career still in full swing, it is likely that Azpilicueta will continue to be an important player for both club and country for many years to come.

Cesar Azpilicueta has been a key figure in the Chelsea squad since joining in
1. He has been a loyal servant to the club and has played under multiple managers during that time, forming strong professional relationships with each of them. Azpilicueta was signed by Roberto Di Matteo just days before the former manager was dismissed in November
2. The Spaniard only played under the Italian for a few weeks but they still managed to build a strong relationship. Upon leaving Chelsea, Di Matteo praised Azpilicueta’s work ethic and commitment to the club and labelled him “a great professional”. During his six-year stint at Chelsea, Azpilicueta has worked with four different managers. He was signed by Rafael Benitez in 2013 and the pair enjoyed a fine partnership. Benitez praised Azpilicueta’s tactical awareness and ability to adapt to any system he was asked to play in. Benitez also credited Azpilicueta’s leadership qualities and said that he was an “important part of the team”. Jose Mourinho was the next manager to take charge of Chelsea and he was equally as impressed by Azpilicueta. Mourinho commended the Spaniard’s tactical discipline and positional sense, and often referred to him as “Mr Reliable”. Mourinho also praised Azpilicueta’s leadership abilities, claiming that he had a “natural ability to lead”. When Antonio Conte was appointed manager in 2016, he immediately identified Azpilicueta as a key figure in the squad. Conte moved Azpilicueta from right-back to centre-back and the Spaniard flourished in the new role. Conte praised Azpilicueta’s versatility and said he had “all the qualities to be a modern defender”. Most recently, Frank Lampard took charge of Chelsea and he has continued to rely on Azpilicueta’s leadership and experience. Lampard has praised Azpilicueta’s professionalism and commitment to the team, and often refers to him as “Mr Chelsea”. Overall, Cesar Azpilicueta has enjoyed strong professional relationships with all the managers he has worked with at Chelsea. His loyalty and dedication to the club has seen him become a key figure in the squad and he will be remembered as a true Chelsea legend.

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