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As a permanent method of birth control, the surgical procedure of vasectomy evokes a sense of fear in the minds of men. This is especially because it concerns an intimate part of the male body. Most men are preoccupied with the surgery’s aftermath and possible side effects. But the best way to deal with such fear is to know the procedure in detail. Get help from an expert urologist to gain a thorough understanding of the method undertaken for vasectomy. Here are some clarifications encompassing the most common fear faced by men.

Vasectomy Doesn’t Involve Snipping Off The Testicles: 

The surgery process creates the utmost fear as it involves the testicles. People tend to think that they will probably lose the functioning of their testicles. But that’s a myth, as vasectomy doesn’t involve cutting the testicles, but it only blocks the connection of the vasa deferentia, which is known for carrying spurs from the testicles during ejaculation. 

Therefore the surgery only targets the tubes of the vas deferens that are situated in the scrotal sac above the testicles. However, with the advancement of medical science, vasectomy adopts a no-scalpel method where a small puncture is done in the required area and which heals naturally after the buxic surgery.   

Vasectomy Doesn’t Impact the Sexual Performance:

This is a common fear among most men that they will lose their sexual desire or performance post-surgery. But the truth is the surgery has no effect on the sexual desire of a man or their ability to get an erection. 

On the contrary, it tends to enhance the sexual life of couples as they don’t need to remain concerned regarding unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, most people are unaware that vasectomy doesn’t make the man unable to produce sperm; it only blocks any mixture of the sperm with semen during ejaculation.

The Surgical Process Doesn’t Involve Excessive Pain:

Pain during or after surgeries is a common concern. However, it will be quite relieving for men to know that vasectomy is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia where a small puncture is made on the testicles. 

Therefore one pain or discomfort that one might feel is a mild pulling sensation that doesn’t last more than a few minutes. Additionally, there’s no involvement of sutures or stitches. If any pain or swelling is experienced, it only lasts for a day or two. Therefore one can easily return to regular day-to-day activities within a week networthexposed.

Final Thoughts:

If one is still concerned with the procedure, one must discuss it with a urologist in detail and clarify all the queries that come to taraftarium24 mind.


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