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If you are looking for plus size wholesale clothing, FondMart is an excellent option. They offer low prices and have no minimum order quantity. If you plan to sell plus size clothing at your business, you must choose the best quality. If you offer good quality at low prices, your customers will surely appreciate the quality of your products.

FondMart is a plus-size wholesaler:

FondMart is a wholesaler that offers a massive selection of plus size apparel. It has over 5,000 designers and suppliers that provide hundreds of new items daily. It also offers customization services, such as printing a logo or a brand name on wholesale clothing.

As a plus-size wholesaler, FondMart offers a wide range of plus size clothing and has a zero minimum order requirement. You can purchase anything from junior camisole tank tops to two-piece long-sleeved sweater knit shrugs with removable fur hoods. Since FondMart is part of Total Fashion, you can expect excellent service and a comfortable shopping experience. Moreover, you can take advantage of free shipping on purchases of $400 or more.

Founded in 2011, FondMart is a leading plus-size wholesaler in China. Their wholesale prices are highly competitive, offering discounts and point programs to their clients. Plus, their merchandise is of high quality, and they accept credit cards.

It has NO MOQ:

If you are in the market for wholesale plus size apparel, FondMart is the right place for you. With more than 5,000 suppliers worldwide, they offer an extensive inventory that is constantly being updated. Plus, you can take advantage of their NO MOQ service, which means you will have no minimum order quantity.

Choosing plus size wholesale clothing is challenging since it is more difficult to manufacture and can be pretty expensive. However, FondMart’s inventory includes over 200,000 products from 15,000 suppliers and designers. This helps you to find the best products at the lowest prices. Moreover, it has a fast supply chain, which keeps buyers busy.

Besides, you can find plus-size wholesale clothing at FondMart with no minimum order quantity. This online wholesale clothing marketplace provides a vast assortment of plus-size clothing for women and is perfect for small boutiques. You can choose from a wide range of brands and designs and develop your own brand.

It has a one-on-one sales manager:

Working with a dedicated sales manager is essential to the success of a plus-size boutique wholesale vendor. A FondMart sales manager is your lifelong partner in the wholesale business. He will educate you about the industry and help you set your business goals. Your sales manager will also act as your point of contact when you have questions about plus-size wholesale clothing

FondMart offers dropshipping branding services for its customers. This includes the removal of manufacturers’ tags and the sewn-on of custom woven labels and hangtags. It ships to more than 195 countries through 40 major carriers. The company provides flexible payment terms for its clients, offers free storage of products, and offers samples. Plus, the site offers high-quality product pictures and logo printing services.

FondMart’s wholesale plus-size clothing vendor program allows customers to purchase top-quality items at a low price. Moreover, the company’s one-on-one sales manager offers personalized attention to each customer. The company also offers support services for each customer’s questions and concerns.

It offers affordable prices:

If you’re looking for wholesale plus size clothing, FondMart is the place for you. Their vast database contains over 200,000 products from over 5,000 suppliers. You’re sure to find something perfect for your customers, and they offer no minimum order quantity and fast shipping services.

Large-sized clothing isn’t cheap to produce, so most retailers don’t carry a large-sized inventory. Because of this, they’re limited to fewer styles. As a result, many customers complain about not being able to find the plus-sized clothing they like. Additionally, larger-size clothing takes more material to make, raising the item’s price. To solve these issues, FondMart offers customized services.

Whether you’re looking for plus size wholesale clothing for your customers or you’re looking for trendy and affordable pieces for your boutique, FondMart has what you need. They have 5,000+ suppliers and 15,000 designers to choose from. The prices for these clothes are lower than retail prices, and you’ll be able to give your customers what they want.

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